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5/29/2017 - Entry #4

The Power of Purpose

In a busy life, the reason for getting up and going to work in the morning often becomes blurred.   You need to rediscover your purpose.   Everyone needs a clear reason to get up when that alarm goes off.  As human beings, we hunger for meaning and purpose in our lives.   We all want to feel that our lives matter, that we make a difference each day.   We, as individuals, need to clarify what brings us true satisfaction, that feeling that comes when one can look at their own work and priorities and say, “yes, this is why I get up each morning”.

So, what happens when there’s a lack of purpose in one’s life?   It means that we lack focus.   Focus adds power to actions.  Organizations without a sense of purpose also lack focus.   Great leaders are aware of the power of purpose.  Perhaps the most important concept any leader can bring to an organization today is to constantly clarify purpose and to provide a “meaningful” mission statement for leaders and followers alike.

Within the soul of every human being, there is hunger for one’s purpose.  Everyone wants to know “Why am I here”? What is my contribution to life? To my organization?   Ralph Waldo Emerson gives us a clue: “The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”.

Purpose is innate.   Yet, not everyone has detected or even thought about their purpose.   Others have several purposes.  Some people feel they are led to a purpose through spiritual deepening.  Others are having a crisis of purpose.   Some have lost their purpose and are searching for a new one.  Many of us fell into ours through someone else, or by a crisis or an unexpected wake up call.

People today do many things with enormous intensity.  This pervasive hurry sickness is a sign of the times.  It is our fear of wasting or losing time because time is money.    But closer examination may reveal that you’re busy hurrying to achieve external recognition for your worth.  In reality, much of your life is organized around activities that gain approval; busyness is a way of generating approval.   Living without a sense of direction or purpose often means striving for results that feel empty or worthless once you have them.   

Most of us know that the secret of enduring happiness isn’t found in external success only.  Yet we persist in aspiring to the version of fulfillment set out by the various media channels and then regard ourselves as inadequate for failing to achieve it.

There are many creative ways to uncover a stronger sense of meaning and purpose for our own life.

The love for your family, a significant other, your work, your talents, your creative expression, and your commitment to your subordinates all are reasons enough to get up in the morning.   You may be waiting to be used for a higher purpose, but the moment hasn’t arrived yet.

One of our coaching programs which is being offered helps individuals reflect and express their own unique purpose in life.  Purpose relies on intuition and on the release of human energies created by hope.  The capacity for hope is the most significant fact in life. Purpose provides a reason to live.  What is your purpose?   


5/15/2017 - Entry #3

Dare to be ourselves?

For every one of us who summon the energy and courage to live our own stories, there are many more people who hesitate, who are afraid, who plod on or who wait for some special moment, or push over the risk of edge.  This segment of individuals the so called “shelf sitters” – simply permit their lives to happen without periodic examination.   Today more than ever, we are a normalizing society.  Just look at the TV programs, commercials, various advertising, and social media platforms to remind us the “norms“ for the good life, the “norms” that is being set for “our” happiness and quality of “life”.   The easy way out is to be “normal”, forget your vision, and imitate everyone else.  When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. 

People take risks to experience things often lacking in their daily routines: growth and aliveness!   One can’t enjoy the mountain view without the risk of the climb; so, the risk is taken.   Many of us don’t realize that our Inner Kill has engulfed our brains and souls until we experience a moment of real aliveness in a new situation.  The fact is that the stress encountered while engaging in any risk represents a new beginning.   It’s an enhancement of our life as we test ourselves at the edge of growth.

Satisfaction can be found in healthy risks if we balance the pleasure of success with a willingness to learn and grow from failures.  Rather than approaching a risky activity as something of serious ego-importance, look on it with curiosity and allow it to be instructive.   You no longer have to fear failure – the worst outcome is not failure but learning something about yourself.

The habit of “external” living is comforting.   It means forfeiting responsibility for boredom or aliveness.   What value is there, however, in living on approval?  If you live in a constant approval-seeking mode, true feelings are buried alive.   Feelings can be buried alive, however, feelings continue to live!   Approval traps you into living a superficial disappointing life.   Because you don’t dare to be yourself, you look for happiness and self-worth “out somewhere”.

You may spend so much time living and working on approval that you never awaken the true joy in life.  Life will end.   Ask yourself this.   Will you have more than a moment of real aliveness?     Challenge your approval-seeking behavior by taking charge of your own story.

Change, though often a struggle, can be an opportunity to grow, to strengthen vision and to enhance performance.   

Wishing you a life of no regrets!



5/10/2017 - Entry #2

Did you ever have a time in your life when you were not clear about what you wanted from life?   Well, I had been there many times.   The only thing I was sure about was this, “pretty sure this isn’t it”.   My perplexed and anxious state of mind wondered and I started to dream.   Yes, I am very sure that everyone has dreams.   These visions and dreams for our life comes in various degrees of intensity and timing.   Our dreams can change as do the events in our lifetime.   Things shift, as we age from one stage of life to another.  

We all know, that the greatest difficulties in getting what we want in life are, well, first figuring out just what we want and then, creating a path to take the first step, then the second and so on. . .  But, how many times, have you really taken the time to write down your dreams and goals?  i.e. Speaking from experience here.  One important point of thought here is that by writing down your dreams and goals, you can learn what you really want and set an order of importance to each.

Oh, let’s face it, at times, we live in a world of fantasy.  i.e. Through that alarm clock against the wall.  Say goodbye to routines, to ordinary mind dumbing work days in your life.  Make your boss disappear.   Work out; lose weight.   Go on some long vacations. . . buy a boat and sail off into the sunset.   Ah, living the great dream.

A great dream or a pie in the sky dream normally appears when we do not feel in charge of our lives.  As a young child, I always wanted to grow up and become a “stewardess” or as of today, “flight attendant” (dating myself here a bit) fly around the world, visit different countries, learn different languages.  A few years later, in my teens, I wanted to be a Psychologist.  I wanted to help and understand myself better and help others do the same.   The trial and errors of growing up never eradicates our dreams.   These dreams in our lifetime can ignite and rekindle our spirit and aliveness. 

Dreams are an important part of each of us.   Without these dreams, we would completely lose touch with our deeper and more profound selves.   Yet, we often feel, we have no time, very little energy, or support to pursue our dream that we know is important to us.

There are several steps we can do to help define and reach our dream(s).   The older each of us are getting, the more acute is the need to ask, “What am I trying to accomplish in the years that are left to me?”  For example, setting a finite timetable usually urges one to set priorities and take the risks to make things happen. Then, you begin to realize that life is not a “Dress Rehearsal”. 

To start with, ask yourself these two questions:

  1.  How am I spending my time right now?
  2. Am I living the life I want to live or am I the victim of my external programming?

“The tragedy of life is not death, rather, it is what we allow to die within us while we live”

                                                . . .  . . Norman Cousins

Wishing you a life of no regrets!



5/10/2017 - Entry #1

Let me explain why I chose the Nautilus as my graphic art design on my website.    My concept for my coaching program(s) is to help & empower individuals with everyday life skills.   The Chambered Nautilus is a very rare, unique creature. It is considered a "living fossil," as it has undergone little change in more than 400 million years. The nautilus dominated the ancient seas before the rise of fishes, and appeared about 265 million years before the first dinosaurs. In prehistoric times, there were about 10,000 different species of the nautilus, but only a few species survived to the present.

This creature possesses a combination of characteristics that we as human beings could do well to cultivate.

  • Continued Growth – The sacred geometry of the Nautilus Shell symbolizes continued growth, throughout its life, it adds new chambers, and structures to help navigate its buoyancy.
  • Adaptability -  The Nautilus easily adjusts to extreme pressure by changing the water and air pressure in its chambers. 
  • Durability - A good point to remember is that the Nautilus has been replicating itself for 500 million years and carries in its chambers the memories and knowledge of times past. 
  • Distinctiveness -  The Nautilus shell ‘s appearance is overall is on its own; however, it is lined with beautiful mother of pearl inside the shell.  
  • Rarity -  This Chambered Nautilus is so rare – in contrast, as rare as some individuals who will actually devote the necessary time and effort to take charge of their lives.

The waves of changes are sweeping across the globe, each of us must learn to recognize, interpret the change fast and accurately.   The truth is that today, it is more difficult than ever to make decisions about life and career tradeoffs.

My wish for you is to adapt to your environment as well as the Chambered Nautilus does to its!