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What do you do when you successfully reached a goal?   For example, you’ve just received a promotion, or you got engaged, or you lost weight or you reached a goal?   Most of us like to share the news with friends and family – or even with people we hardly know via social media.   Psychologists term for sharing a position experience with someone else is called capitalization.  It provides an added benefit from a good event.   This kind of communication, it turns out, has unexpectedly positive effects not just for you in the moment, but for your relationships and for your long-term well-being.   Communicating a good event boosts self-esteem, keeps the event memorable and builds social relationships. [...]


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Entry 5



Failing and Prevailing

No one likes to fail, but self-compassion gives us room to fail, to learn from failure and to move on.   Many of us are whipped toward achievement by the sharp inner voice of self-criticism and competitiveness.   Self-compassion can remove the fear of failure and replace it with acceptance and a willingness to try again.[...]


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Entry 4



The Power of Purpose

In a busy life, the reason for getting up and going to work in the morning often becomes blurred.   You need to rediscover your purpose. Everyone needs a clear reason to get up when that alarm goes off.  As human beings, we hunger for meaning and purpose in our lives. We all want to feel that our lives matter, that we make a difference each day.   We, as individuals, need to clarify what brings us true satisfaction, that feeling that comes when one can look at their own work and priorities and say, “yes, this is why I get up each morning”.[...]


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Entry 3



Dare to be ourselves?

For every one of us who summon the energy and courage to live our own stories, there are many more people who hesitate, who are afraid, who plod on or who wait for some special moment, or push over the risk of edge.  This segment of individuals the so called “shelf sitters” – simply permit their lives to happen without periodic examination.   Today more than ever, we are a normalizing society.  Just look at the TV programs, commercials, various advertising, and social media platforms to remind us the “norms“ for the good life, the “norms” that is being set for “our” happiness and quality of “life”.   The easy way out is to be “normal”, forget your vision, and imitate everyone else.  When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other. [...]


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Entry 2



Did you ever have a time in your life when you were not clear about what you wanted from life? Well, I had been there many times. The only thing I was sure about was this, “pretty sure this isn’t it”. My perplexed and anxious state of mind wondered and I started to dream. Yes, I am very sure that everyone has dreams. These visions and dreams for our life comes in various degrees of intensity and timing. Our dreams can change as do the events in our lifetime. Things shift, as we age from one stage of life to another.  [...]


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Entry 1



Let me explain why I chose the Nautilus as my graphic art design on my website. My concept for my coaching program(s) is to help & empower individuals with everyday life skills.The Chambered Nautilus is a very rare, unique creature. It is considered a "living fossil," as it has undergone little change in more than 400 million years. The nautilus dominated the ancient seas before the rise of fishes, and appeared about 265 million years before the first dinosaurs. In prehistoric times, there were about 10,000 different species of the nautilus, but only a few species survived to the present.[...]


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