Career Coaching

“My mission is to connect you with your aims, values and goals to transform, change and strengthen you professionally and personally.”

Whether you are an executive or a professional looking for a new career or striving for a promotion - being dynamic, flexible, innovative, and highly competitive are some of today’s ever-changing job requirements. Demand for better performance, productivity and leadership have never been higher.  Have you evolved to meet the challenges of the new work paradigm and still able to maintain that perfect work/life balance?

Working with a professional coach, like myself, can be life changing whether you are in a leadership position or looking to grow in your career and find more balance in life.  One of my primary focus, is to ensure that my clients have a safe and confidential environment to feel free to express themselves.  Coaching helps to remove self-imposed limitations, brings clarity to your desired outcome, and serves as a guide in helping you make positive changes to bring out the best in yourself.   What if you could get more of what you want out of your company, your career and yourself?

Who do I work with?

My career coaching services offers custom coaching packages for:  new entrants to the workforce to the CEO’s who want a private advisor to explore issues in a safe space or anyone who feels puzzled in their career progression/transition.   

What's the plan?

To start with, we would work on identifying your beliefs, values, motivations.  Gaining clarity to your personality, working style, leadership style, and reviewing the total sum of your experience and education.  As we progress further, we will work together to create your personalized career roadmap to ensure you build the inner belief and deep motivation, as well as, the skill sets to drive the success that you want.  

How does my coaching works?

Face-to-face Interactive Sessions

Hold video conferences with me as if you were in person with me. Let’s meet, collaborate, and share conversations in a confidential way enabling you to discover all effective possibilities having access to me whenever and wherever you are.

Schedule your coaching sessions

The coaching sessions can be set-up to suit your own schedule and need for progression.   On-going email follow-ups and additional “work assignments” are part of the coaching sessions.   As a Coach, I will provide a supportive, yet disciplined presence, that will keep a client on track. 

Why Choose me for coaching?

I am a professional who strives to take your skill set and mindset to the next level.  My knowledge of brain science helps me understand my clients’ experiences and behavior more accurately, this in turn illuminates, how I can best support them in their change process.  Each coaching session I construct is a frame for effectiveness by having my Client clarify his or her agenda to take ownership of the session.  I then, carefully guide my Clients through an effective process of understanding a specific plan.   The Client experiences mastery and this model is repeated until it becomes a template for the client. Professional Coaching meets the needs people and offers a new delivery system for mentorship, co-creative work, and a sense of possibility.

If you're committed to creating a more fulfilling and meaningful life, I look forward to working with you. Contact me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and start your journey toward achieving your dreams and living a life you love!

**Assessment administration will vary depending on individual client needs.

**Interviewing – Helping to prepare for interviews. Role plays are an effective way to sharpen the interview skill sets. 


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