Career Coaching Packages


Career Coaching starts with establishing your goal (s), which you set for yourself.   As an example, a specific goal may relate to a performance goal, a developmental goal, a specific problem to solve, decision to make, or a goal for the career coaching session itself. For clarity of goal setting as well as for consistency, I encourage you to use the S.M.A.R.T. goal format, where the letters stand for:

· Specific

· Measurable

· Attainable

· Realistic

· Timely

Month I Gaining Clarity of the Current Situation -  A set of questions and other tools will be used to explore and gain clarity of the goal(s) you will set for yourself.

Month II - This module will include the following areas:

- Value Identification

- Overcoming hurdles

- Getting “unstuck”

- Life Balance

Month III - Exploring Current Reality - With this phase of the coaching model, you will gain awareness of your current situation.   Explore what’s going on and evaluate the context and the magnitude of YOUR own current reality of your career.

Very important point to note, is that the starting point for your career development is “self-awareness”.   Since self-awareness can be challenging, additional steps may be to necessary to include some or all the assessment(s)* are noted below:

360 Assessment*

Holland Code RAISEC Personality test *

Career Surveyor *

DISC Inventory*

Your Career Goals and Career Strategy – Once you have a clear understanding of your current career situation, the coaching conversations will turn to what you can do to reach your goal(s).    In other words, we will explore your options and/or create your new career strategy.

Each Month we will meet Three (3) X a month via phone or Skype, plus you will have Eight (8) e-mail coaching session support per month per Client.

Monthly Coaching Program - $375.00 per month

Career Coaching Monthly

Quarterly Career Coaching Program - $1,025 .00

Career Coaching Monthly

*Assessments are excluded from basic coaching package