Entry 1


Let me explain why I chose the Nautilus as my graphic art design on my website.    My concept for my coaching program(s) is to help & empower individuals with everyday life skills.   The Chambered Nautilus is a very rare, unique creature. It is considered a "living fossil," as it has undergone little change in more than 400 million years. The nautilus dominated the ancient seas before the rise of fishes, and appeared about 265 million years before the first dinosaurs. In prehistoric times, there were about 10,000 different species of the nautilus, but only a few species survived to the present.

This creature possesses a combination of characteristics that we as human beings could do well to cultivate.

  • Continued Growth – The sacred geometry of the Nautilus Shell symbolizes continued growth, throughout its life, it adds new chambers, and structures to help navigate its buoyancy.
  • Adaptability -  The Nautilus easily adjusts to extreme pressure by changing the water and air pressure in its chambers.
  • Durability - A good point to remember is that the Nautilus has been replicating itself for 500 million years and carries in its chambers the memories and knowledge of times past.
  • Distinctiveness - The Nautilus shell ‘s appearance is overall is on its own; however, it is lined with beautiful mother of pearl inside the shell.
  • Rarity -  This Chambered Nautilus is so rare – in contrast, as rare as some individuals who will actually devote the necessary time and effort to take charge of their lives.

The waves of changes are sweeping across the globe, each of us must learn to recognize, interpret the change fast and accurately.   The truth is that today, it is more difficult than ever to make decisions about life and career tradeoffs.

My wish for you is to adapt to your environment as well as the Chambered Nautilus does to its!