Entry 2


Did you ever have a time in your life when you were not clear about what you wanted from life?   Well, I had been there many times.   The only thing I was sure about was this, “ pretty sure this isn’t it ”.   My perplexed and anxious state of mind wondered and I started to dream.   Yes, I am very sure that everyone has dreams.   These visions and dreams for our life comes in various degrees of intensity and timing.   Our dreams can change as do the events in our lifetime.   Things shift, as we age from one stage of life to another.

We all know, that the greatest difficulties in getting what we want in life are, well, first figuring out just what we want and then, creating a path to take the first step, then the second and so on. . .  But, how many times, have you really taken the time to write down your dreams and goals?  i.e. Speaking from experience here.  One important point of thought here is that by writing down your dreams and goals, you can learn what you really want and set an order of importance to each.

Oh, let’s face it, at times, we live in a world of fantasy.  i.e. Through that alarm clock against the wall.  Say goodbye to routines, to ordinary mind dumbing work days in your life.  Make your boss disappear.   Work out; lose weight.   Go on some long vacations. . . buy a boat and sail off into the sunset.   Ah, living the great dream.

A great dream or a pie in the sky dream normally appears when we do not feel in charge of our lives.  As a young child, I always wanted to grow up and become a “stewardess” or as of today, “flight attendant” (dating myself here a bit) fly around the world, visit different countries, learn different languages.  A few years later, in my teens, I wanted to be a Psychologist.  I wanted to help and understand myself better and help others do the same.   The trial and errors of growing up never eradicates our dreams.   These dreams in our lifetime can ignite and rekindle our spirit and aliveness.

Dreams are an important part of each of us.   Without these dreams, we would completely lose touch with our deeper and more profound selves.   Yet, we often feel, we have no time, very little energy, or support to pursue our dream that we know is important to us.

There are several steps we can do to help define and reach our dream(s).   The older each of us are getting, the more acute is the need to ask, “What am I trying to accomplish in the years that are left to me?”  For example, setting a finite timetable usually urges one to set priorities and take the risks to make things happen. Then, you begin to realize that life is not a “Dress Rehearsal”.

To start with, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How am I spending my time right now?
  2. Am I living the life I want to live or am I the victim of my external programming?

“The tragedy of life is not death, rather, it is what we allow to die within us while we live”

. . .  . . Norman Cousins

Wishing you a life of no regrets!