Entry 3


Dare to be ourselves?

For every one of us who summon the energy and courage to live our own stories, there are many more people who hesitate, who are afraid, who plod on or who wait for some special moment, or push over the risk of edge.  This segment of individuals the so called “shelf sitters” – simply permit their lives to happen without periodic examination.   Today more than ever, we are a normalizing society.  Just look at the TV programs, commercials, various advertising, and social media platforms to remind us the “norms“ for the good life, the “norms” that is being set for “our” happiness and quality of “life”.   The easy way out is to be “normal”, forget your vision, and imitate everyone else.  When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.

People take risks to experience things often lacking in their daily routines: growth and aliveness!   One can’t enjoy the mountain view without the risk of the climb; so, the risk is taken.   Many of us don’t realize that our Inner Kill has engulfed our brains and souls until we experience a moment of real aliveness in a new situation.  The fact is that the stress encountered while engaging in any risk represents a new beginning.   It’s an enhancement of our life as we test ourselves at the edge of growth.

Satisfaction can be found in healthy risks if we balance the pleasure of success with a willingness to learn and grow from failures.  Rather than approaching a risky activity as something of serious ego-importance, look on it with curiosity and allow it to be instructive.   You no longer have to fear failure – the worst outcome is not failure but learning something about yourself.

The habit of “external” living is comforting.   It means forfeiting responsibility for boredom or aliveness.   What value is there, however, in living on approval?  If you live in a constant approval-seeking mode, true feelings are buried alive.   Feelings can be buried alive, however, feelings continue to live!   Approval traps you into living a superficial disappointing life.   Because you don’t dare to be yourself, you look for happiness and self-worth “out somewhere”.

You may spend so much time living and working on approval that you never awaken the true joy in life.  Life will end.   Ask yourself this.   Will you have more than a moment of real aliveness?     Challenge your approval-seeking behavior by taking charge of your own story.

Change, though often a struggle, can be an opportunity to grow, to strengthen vision and to enhance performance.

Wishing you a life of no regrets!