Entry 4


The Power of Purpose

In a busy life, the reason for getting up and going to work in the morning often becomes blurred.   You need to rediscover your purpose.   Everyone needs a clear reason to get up when that alarm goes off.  As human beings, we hunger for meaning and purpose in our lives.   We all want to feel that our lives matter, that we make a difference each day.   We, as individuals, need to clarify what brings us true satisfaction, that feeling that comes when one can look at their own work and priorities and say, “yes, this is why I get up each morning”.

So, what happens when there’s a lack of purpose in one’s life?   It means that we lack focus.   Focus adds power to actions.  Organizations without a sense of purpose also lack focus.   Great leaders are aware of the power of purpose.  Perhaps the most important concept any leader can bring to an organization today is to constantly clarify purpose and to provide a “meaningful” mission statement for leaders and followers alike.

Within the soul of every human being, there is hunger for one’s purpose.  Everyone wants to know “Why am I here”? What is my contribution to life? To my organization?   Ralph Waldo Emerson gives us a clue: “The purpose of life is not to be happy.  It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”.

Purpose is innate.   Yet, not everyone has detected or even thought about their purpose.   Others have several purposes.  Some people feel they are led to a purpose through spiritual deepening.  Others are having a crisis of purpose.   Some have lost their purpose and are searching for a new one.  Many of us fell into ours through someone else, or by a crisis or an unexpected wake up call.

People today do many things with enormous intensity.  This pervasive hurry sickness is a sign of the times.  It is our fear of wasting or losing time because time is money.    But closer examination may reveal that you’re busy hurrying to achieve external recognition for your worth.  In reality, much of your life is organized around activities that gain approval; busyness is a way of generating approval.   Living without a sense of direction or purpose often means striving for results that feel empty or worthless once you have them.

Most of us know that the secret of enduring happiness isn’t found in external success only.  Yet we persist in aspiring to the version of fulfillment set out by the various media channels and then regard ourselves as inadequate for failing to achieve it.

There are many creative ways to uncover a stronger sense of meaning and purpose for our own life.

The love for your family, a significant other, your work, your talents, your creative expression, and your commitment to your subordinates all are reasons enough to get up in the morning.   You may be waiting to be used for a higher purpose, but the moment hasn’t arrived yet.

One of our coaching programs which is being offered helps individuals reflect and express their own unique purpose in life.  Purpose relies on intuition and on the release of human energies created by hope.  The capacity for hope is the most significant fact in life. Purpose provides a reason to live.  What is your purpose?