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  • Staying Laser Focused in a World Full of Distractions
    Our ability to focus has been reduced dramatically.   It is said that we humans have the average attention span of a goldfish which is about 9 seconds.   We’ve never Read more
  • 11 Life-Changing 30-Day Challenges
    Time is a valuable resource, so pick the 30-day challenge that will best elevate your life: Read more
  • Effectively Influencing Decision Makers
    The eleven guidelines listed below are intended to help you do a better job of influencing decision makers. In some cases, these decision makers may be immediate or upper managers – in other cases they may be peers or cross-organizational colleagues. I hope that you find these suggestions to be useful in helping you convert your good ideas into meaningful action! Read more
    Stress doesn’t come from the outside world. We construct it in the same way that we construct emotion: On the spot from the incoming stimulus that is filtered through our own unique brain. Consequently, we have more control over stress than we think. Read more
  • What To Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed At Work
    Take control of your workload before you become burned out Read more
    01/09/2019 If you have a habit of setting resolutions at the beginning of the year and then abandoning them a few days later, now is your chance to try something different. Read more
    1/03/19 “Contrary to what we’ve been taught, genes do not determine physical and character traits on their own. Rather, they interact with the environment in a dynamic, ongoing process that produces Read more
  • INSIGHT: A Simple Way to Find Creative Solutions to Problems
    11/13/2018 What do we do when we’re faced with a problem and we don’t know how to solve it? In fact, what we know may get in the way of a Read more
  • How Feeling Low Can Have a Physical Cause?
    09/27/2018  How Feeling Low Can Have a Physical Cause? Guest Article By:  Dr. Irena O’Brien, Ph.D. I am so happy that I can have Dr. O'Brien share insights about our brain and physical Read more
  • Acceptance Of Our Emotions
    08/23/2018 We all have negative thoughts and emotions that we don’t like, thoughts that we’re not good enough, that we’re lazy, that there’s something wrong with us (you can add Read more
  • Changing Your Career?
    7/27/2018 Workplace changes are accelerating and reinvention and multiple (different) careers are commonplace in today's working world. These factors, along with the strong desire for a better quality of life Read more
  • Balancing Act Of Career And Life
    3/27/2018 More often than not, there is a question which is asked. It may be an old expression, but do we work to live or live to work? There is no Read more
  • Failing And Prevailing
    1/25/2018  FAILING AND PREVAILING No one likes to fail, but self-compassion gives us room to fail, to learn from failure and to move on.   Many of us are whipped toward achievement Read more
  • Achievements
    1/2/2017 What Drives You? Learning about our traits can help us understand why we behave the way we do.   Learning about our drives, our motivations, and strivings toward a goal Read more
  • Grit And Your Life Outcomes
    10/6/2017 If you want a dictionary definition of grit, here are two: “ courage and resolve; strength of character, ” or “ mental toughness and courage. ”  After the tragic event in Read more
  • Who Can You Blame For Your Personality
    Who Can You Blame for Your Personality? 8/15/2017 What is Personality? Personality seems so intangible – and is expressed through so many little behaviors and habits – that it’s hard to believe Read more