Services Provided

Career Transition Coaching

As a Career Transition Coach, I help my clients find the purpose and passion they have lost in their chosen careers or to find the courage to move into a brand-new career.  

The entire career coaching process - from exploring possibilities, to the moment of discovery and finally, implementing the plan, is very challenging but also, extremely rewarding for my clients, as well as for me as the coach.   

Developing a Personalized Career Plan will include your own view of satisfaction and success which is determined by your own values and needs.   Also, the total sum of your experience, education, and expectations.    

Note:  Career progress doesn’t always require continual promotions, just continual self-growth & self-development.   

How does Career Coaching can help a client?

-  Career coaching enables clients to discover their own answers and be inspired to live a more passionate, fulfilling life. This self-discovery is what breathes life and power into the decision-making process. 
-  The answer to “what you should be doing with your life” must come from you (the client). However, there are times, when some clients truly do not know the answer and they need a coach to help them discover it. 
-  In most instances, people do know the answer, but either are afraid to “listen” to it (because it will involve work & much self-reflection) or are unsure where to begin.
Career coaching is effective because it provides the courage, support, and direction necessary for answers to come alive. Anyone can be inspired to live a more passionate, fulfilling life.

Common client expectations explored during coaching:

Insight Deeper understanding of who you really are and what type of career would bring you renewed purpose and meaning. (this may involve taking various assessments) ** Defining your values and beliefs, identifying your strengths & weaknesses and career interests.

PlanningCreating Roadmaps for taking your career to the next level.

Listening A Coach can be used as a sounding board to talk out ideas and brainstorm with client. A coach is always on your side, wanting what you want and encouraging you to get there.

Interviewing Helping to prepare for interviews. Role plays are an effective way to sharpen the interview skillsets.

Networking help client(s) leverage existing relationships or grow additional networking relationships

Accountability A Coach will provide a supportive, yet disciplined presence, that will keep the client on track.


Career Discovery Pondering Questions - 21 Questions to Know Yourself Better!

**Assessment administration will vary depending on individual client needs.