I’ve known Eva Jenkins professionally and as a friend for over seventeen years.

A year ago, I came to Eva asking for her help and to be my career coach.

Over the previous eight years I’d built a successful business (as a solo practitioner) in Washington, DC. I was successful but stuck. It was clear to me that I hadn’t maximized my revenue potential or skills in the marketplace.

While I had a lot of great ideas, I never got traction nor did I follow-through to completion. I wasted a lot of time and energy but showed few results.

I was unfocused, undisciplined, and frustrated. After some sole-searching, I admitted that I needed guidance, so I reach out to Eva and luckily, she agreed to take me on as a client.

Eva’s impact was immediate. From having me set long-term and short-term business and financial goals, to how I structured my work day, she put a work structure in place for me that had been missing for years.

The results were immediate. My day was more structure and focused on meeting goals and not just responding to clients.

Further, thanks to Eva, I was finally able to expand my business into specific areas that I could only dream of in the past.

All the time, Eva also a wonderful support person and gave encouragement when I struggled.

As we enter our second year together, I expect exponential progress for my company and me personally.

I can’t recommend Eva enough.


Jeff Maszal